Ice cube

Aesthetics are shaped by the countless aspects of beauty, here and there. But first of all, we need to pay the rent.


A couple traveled to Europe to explore values ​​and attractions already existing in their homeland. They remained the same over time, even though they think they evolved into swans.

Young woman searching

Mommy's hands

Hug me, so I can hold back, so I don’t cry.
Hug me, so I can cry, be redeemed.
Show me your silence and your gestures 
so I can show you mine.

Please come in

The gentleman wishes for women to remain a symbol of love, beauty and peace and to limit THEIR unnatural efforts of equality with men. Balloons are there for us to play with, they are our final wish, not a mean to alter our gender.


Two people look at the sunset and stare at the fruit of their friendship..

Mother of Three

A woman seeks to remain beautiful while her children suckle her non-stop.


Tourists are fascinated by the sights, as if in a state of erotic ecstasy.

Wings of freedom are missing


The boat is leaving, you left too, maybe a chocolate will make this moment sweeter.


Love 2

How do we maintain the subjective ratio of passion and intimacy?

The messages from the object of our desire multiply, the conclusions unite, The Messenger is doing his job well.


"Silence signifies the humility of the mind, the vision of the heart, the gratitude of the soul, which remains speechless and listens to the praises of the angels." Monk Moses of Mount Athos, 2007, "The Eloquent Silence”.

Ancient Daughter

Shall we go for a bike ride? Stretch a little...

Current daughter

I rope walk on your body.

Α Minimal - Τωρινή κόρη

Libation of happiness

26 million housewives had the permanent worry of rice washing!

Happiness is necessity without judgement

Yellow tights

With our feet, we will walk over the barbed wire, which we, ourselves had twisted.

Κίτρινο καλσόν