Art Nouveau

Tam Tam

The shepherd fell in love with Brigitte, it's obvious. ”She’s clean, secure, doesn’t cost much and she’s useful.”


To dress or to undress? That is the question.
Naked from nudity.

Unforgettable beloved

I move forward, but I think of you.

Red Frida

The celebration has begun. The couple starts the dance.

Yellow Frida

The children are happy. They are waiting for the show to start. The parents are happy, to see the anticipation on their faces.

Purple Frida

The show has started. Visuals, dancing, music. The children will be different at the end of the performance. One step closer to their Being.

Lyric Companions

We become companions of the waves at sea. In seashells we can hear our soul, in water we can drink our blood.

The new truth

We Are The Change

Brainwashing seeks to cook the girl's mind in a sauce a la creme. The opposite to a good girl is not the bad girl, but the one who takes a stance in favor of herself and her loved ones.

The washing machine that thinks

I am calm, cheerful and ready. Professional Citizen.