The Pattern as a cover image, this obstacle. Why are people camouflaged? What would a society be like if people had the courage to be themselves?


And yet, the coexistence of unrelated elements, can reproduce unexpected, improvised associations. Just like in music.

La Laringe

The big feast is ready. The fancy cutlery is on the table. The bellies, even though full, will eat some more. The larynx is getting ready to operate again, maybe the soul will rest.


The legendary musical "Patriarchy" is in town - do not miss it! 

The Lover with the greatest performance of 20 years, is in his prime.

Intimidates, humiliates, controls in order to win. The word "cooperation" is unknown to him.

The couple, immersed in the pleasure of the palate, neglects their spiritual development and eats non stop.

They choose the ideal moment, to celebrate another anniversary.

Take advantage of the ideal opportunity to buy another property.


Sunday’s sermon objective is to delimit the Tam-Tam, that is Eros. is it possible?

The distinguished bourgeoise continue the triumph of corruption, defining the holidays in the Dream, that every employee is entitled to. Can they?

Mom and Dad, for years now, secure their roles, fearing the revelation of their family secrets. Can they?

Our yesses and noes are hovering like hot air balloons, above our decisions.

Courageous awareness drives away fear. It brings everything to light and change occurs.

The washing machine that thinks, the man, gets reborn, liberated, loves, DIES AND GETS BORN AGAIN.